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SPRO Mudkicker Bucktails - CHARTREUSE

Brand: SPRO
Product Code: SBTSJC
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SPRO Mudkicker Bucktails 


Model # SBTSJC

The SPRO Mudkicker Bucktail is a stand up, bottom hopping fiend of a bucktail that will catch all types of bottom feeding gamefish. The SPRO Mudkicker Bucktail is perfect for bottom hopping or allowing a bucktail to rest still on the bottom to entice a wary fish. Specially designed to sit flat on the bottom with hook facing up to avoid snags and higher hook up percentage. Beautiful finishes to attract the most fish. Unique head design that allows the Mudkicker to hop/swim on the bottom and rest flat. Tournament tested for action, durability, and effectiveness. Gamakatsu sticky sharp hook. Excellent for back marshes, surf, or flats fishing.

Weight: 3/8, 1/2 & 1 oz. Depth: Top to Bottom 
Hooks: Gamakatsu

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