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Krocodile Spoons (Crocodile Spoon) are made with a Crome finish and Silver Prizim

Brand: Berkley
Product Code: VAB-3/4OZKROC-VAB-9ozKROC
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Price: $3.99

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Theses Krocodile Spoons are made with a crome finish and silver prizim design to attract all types of fish.

They come in a veriery of sizes and hook and all Crocodile Spoons are made with a high quality welded rings.

Avalible in:

Weight Hook Type Price
3/4 oz Treble Hook 3.99
2 oz Treble Hook 5.99
3 oz Treble Hook 5.99
5 oz Siwash Hook 7.49
7 oz Siwash Hook 10.99
9 oz Siwash Hook 12.99

These deadly Lures are great for up and down jiging, or casting for Striped Bass, Blue Fish, King Fish, Tuna, and many other speicies of saltwater fish.


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