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Tsunami Reverb 3.5 Inch

Brand: Tsunami
Product Code: TSRV35S-104 - TSRV35S-302
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Price: $6.49

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* Tsunami Reverb:

This sinking, vibrating, rattling bait works at all depths and draws strikes with motion, sound and action. The tight, vibrating action starts on the slowest retrieve and gets better with speed. Features include true to life dimensional X-Ray finish on all "X" code models with lifelike 3D eyes for the ultimate in natural reality. Multiple rattle chambers contain different size balls for a variety of sound frequencies. Extra sharp black nickel finish Mustad® treble hooks assure extra fast hook sets. Stainless steel split rings and rattles are part of the superior construction that guarantees more dynamic fishing.


TSRV35S-104 ELECTRO GLOW 3 1/2” ¾ oz $6.49
TSRV35S-200 SMOKY JOE 3 1/2” ¾ oz $6.49
TSRV35S-201 BUNKER 3 1/2” ¾ oz $6.49
TSRV35S-202 DAWN HERRING 3 1/2” ¾ oz $6.49
TSRV35S-301 BLUE BACK/CHROME MIRROR 3 1/2” ¾ oz $6.49
TSRV35S-302 BLACK BACK/CHROME MIRROR 3 1/2” ¾ oz $6.49


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