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Mustad Hooks

Mustad Hooks


Unmatched Strength

Our unique three-stage computer controlled tempering process transforms the hook into a fine grained, ultrastrong microstructure. This increases strength up to 30 per cent compared to conventional tempering methods. However, it’s not only strength that is important in this process; we need to be in control of brittleness and flexibility as well. Our superior technology allows us such control of the final outcome.

Surface treatment

Mustad hooks feature a wide range of colours and finishes, from black nickel and gold to bronze. The special coatings have been developed to suit the various types of fishing. E.g. Duratin is used for longlining hooks and lacquer for freshwater. We also manufacture stainless-steel hooks in a limited selection. Our challenge within this field is to increase the rust resistance of our products even more.

Experienced fishermen will select their hooks to match the bait or to suit their method of fishing and local conditions. Some hooks are made for specific purposes and are thus available only in one finish, while other patterns come in a variety of coatings. Different coatings have different features and properties. This entails that the rust resistance of the hooks may vary.

Rust Resistance

Mustad runs tests showing how the various coatings compare in this respect. These tests are carried out in accordance with the ASTM B-117 norm, set up by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Tests run in our salt spray chamber show that hooks coated with stainless steel will have 3% surface rust, Duratin 8%, and Double Nickel 30% surface rust after a given number of hours.

The results may vary somewhat, depending first of all on the thickness of the coating, but also on fishing conditions, water temperature, type of bait and pH value.

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