Black Hole Challenger Bank Rods


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701L & 801L (Light):

The rod is light like a feather and very thin. The blank weighs only 2.5 oz, but it is strong enough to swing one gallon of water (8lb). The beauty of this rod is that the tip is extremely sensitive to detect any delicate bites, but it has strong backbone and power. This rod is good for fluke, snapper, scup and even striped bass or blue.

Targets: Fluke, Sea Trout, Red Fish, Calico Bass, Snapper


731M & 801M (Medium):

There is no ultimate togging rods as fishermen have different taste, but I can not think of any better togging rod than the Challenger Bank 731M. The rod reminds of original GLoomis rods, but it has softer tip while having tremendous lifting power for its class. This rod is good for blackfish, striped bass, yellowtail, mutton snapper. In fact, it can handle any inshore fishes. The blanks weighs only 3.8oz.

We landed many 10+lb Togs and 35lb Cod with 801M Rod.

Targets: Blackfish, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Yellowtail, Big Red Fish, Light Cod or Seabass Jigging, Big Snapper


761MH & 801MH (Medium Heavy):

Targets: Deepwater Seabass, Light Yellowtail Jigging, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Red Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Blackfin



Challenger Bank Models

C-701L, C-701LS, C-731M, C-761MHS, C-801MS, S-731M, S-801L


Model Length Piece Lure Weight Braid Line Rating Blank Weight Tip/ Butt Diameter (Blank) Action Price
C-701L 7’0” 1pc 0.5oz-2oz 10lb-20lb 2.3oz 2.14/14.90mm Fast $299.99
C-701LS (Spiral) 7’0” 1pc 0.5oz-2oz 10lb-20lb 2.3oz 2.14/14.90mm fast $313.99
C-731M 7’3” 1pc 1oz-4oz 20lb-25lb 3.8oz 2.42/15.55mm fast $357.99
C-761MHS (Spiral) 7’6” 1pc 3oz-6oz 20lb-40lb 4.4oz 2.55/15.62mm fast $373.99
C-801MS (Spiral) 8’0” 1pc 2oz-4oz 20lb-30lb 3.3oz 2.20/14.42mm fast $405.99
S-731M 7’3” 1pc 1oz-4oz 20lb-25lb 3.8oz 2.42/15.55mm fast $357.99
S-801L 8’0” 1pc 0.5oz-2oz 10lb-20lb 3.3oz 2.20/14.42mm fast $414.99




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