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Nichols Ben Parker Flutter Spoons


The new “Striper Heavy Duty” option upgrades the hook to a 5/0 VMC and the split rings to size 8 Owner Hyper Wires, and the swivel to a size 2 Owner. The VMC treble is not tied with Pearl Flashabou.

Available in 3 sizes:

Mini Magnum – 6.5″ 2.5oz

Magnum – 8″ 3.5oz

Super Magnum – 9″ 4.5oz

Flutter Spoon size

Mini Magnum, Magnum, Super Magnum

Flutter Spoon Color

Silver Chrome, Shattered Glass Silver, Shattered Glass Gold, Bombshell Shad, Chartreuse, Gizzard, Super Shad, Lavender Shad, Snow, Sand Bass


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