Pro-Tec Powder Paint


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Powder paint is a durable finish with a unique application process intended for lures that can be dip painted and then withstand heat of 350 degrees. No primer, no base coat, one coat completely covers! The lure is painted and dry in just a moment. Comes in 2 oz. size.

*”Glow” Overcoat is a highly charged semi-clear powder that can be applied over any of the standard or fluorescent powder paint colors while the lure is still hot. The jig will appear as the base color in the light, but the overcoat will “glow” a greenish white in darkness.


Powder Paint Color

Glow Hot Pink, Glow Overcoat, Glow White, Glow Yellow Chartreuse, Glow Green Chartreuse, Watermelon, Candy Blue, Gold, White Pearl, Junebug, Clear, New Penny, Transparent Copper, Alewife, Yellow, Pink Pearl, Green Chartreuse, Yellow Chartreuse, Black, Hot Pink, Blaze Orange, White


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