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SPRO Live Bucktail Jigs – Bunker

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SPRO Live Bucktail Jigs

Color “BUNKER”


These are the next generation in bucktails from SPRO. This beautiful jig has the same fish catching qualities of the Prime Bucktail but with an added look. The head of the jig has an angled screaming mouth which gives the impression of an even more frightened baitfish. This also gives it just a slightly different action and vibration which will compliment any angler’s SPRO bucktail assortment. It’s hard to fish any SPRO Bucktail wrong. SPRO Live Bucktails can be jigged off the bottom for weakfish, fluke, or other saltwater fish. Cast it at schooling fish working it quickly back to the boat for cobia, stripers, snook, or dolphin. Swim it/jig it along in freshwater for big bass, lake trout, and walleyes, or troll it for reservoir stripers. Of course these Live Buctails come standard with Gamkatsu Hooks which ensure that the fish that hit get stuck! 

Weight: 1, 2 & 3 ounces Depth: Top to Bottom 
Hooks: Gamakatsu

SPRO Bucktail Size

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