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Tsunami Classic Series Reels


The Tsunami Classic series reel delivers all of the rugged, dependable features of the Shockwave Pro series with added toughness and more performance features. From the machined, ported aluminum spool, detent adjustable drag knob, light weight bail wire with ball bearing roller line guide to the high precision, reliable instant anti reverse and five strategically placed ball bearings, the Tsunami Classic series reel will deliver more durability and smooth precision than you could expect from most spinning reels.

Tsunami Classic TSC Reels

 Sleek graphite body and rotor

 Ported aluminum spool

 Infinite anti-reverse

 316 Stainless steel main shaft

 Rugged Brass pinion gear

 Soft touch handle knob

 Detent click drag knob

 Rugged bail wire assembly

 5 Ball bearings and machined cut CNC handle

 Rugged construction

 Smooth operation


TSC3000 10/220 12/185 5.2:1 5+1 $41.99
TSC4000 12/295 15/220 5.2:1 5+1 $43.99
TSC5000 15/265 20/210 5.2:1 5+1 $45.99
TSC6000 20/350 25/285 4.1:1 5+1 $51.99
TSC7000 25/305 30/265 4.1:1 5+1 $53.99


Tsunami Classic Series Reels

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