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Tsunami Ported Popper 4 Inch


This floating top water lure delivers a popping, splashing, skittering action to draw reaction strikes from predators. Large weight transfers balls provide longer, tumble free casts. Tough, colorful finishes with life like 3-D eyesimitate prey species. Extra sharp Mustad 3X Extra Strong Treble Hooks asssure faster hook sets. Heavy duty stainless steel split rings, bubble generating ports, and superior construction guarantee more dynamic fishing. Top water splashing action creates a stir predators have to investigate! Specially designed ports create a fish attracting bubble trail.
Excessive use of this product may deplete fish species. Please practice catch and release.


TSP4PF-200 SMOKY JOE 4” ¾ oz $11.99
TSP4PF-201 BUNKER 4” ¾ oz $11.99
TSP4PF-202 DAWN HERRING 4” ¾ oz $11.99


Tsunami Ported Popper

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