Wapsi Icelandic Streamer Hair


Wapsi Icelandic Streamer Hair runs six to eight inches in length and is harvested from natural Icelandic Sheep Wool. The wool is thick with long and fine hair fibers to allow the Icelandic Streamer Hair to flow in the water, similar to marabou, except with more strength to hold up longer under sudden and hard strikes. Wool streamer hair is a traditional material that still works great for winging on tubes and for all streamer sizes and tails and patterns such as Clouser and Muddler minnows as well as Marabou streamers. You’ll find freshwater and saltwater streamer patterns will perform great and last long when you tie them with Wapsi Icelandic Streamer Hair!

Icelandic streamer colors

Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Chartreuse, Olive, White


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